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      Institute Of Chinese Studies

      Graduate Institute Of Curriculum And Instruction

      Department Of chinese

      Department Of English Studies

      Applied Japanese

        Mandarin Training Center

Because of the above six department institute, the nature is close, and has the development direction together, therefore the establishment humanities sociology group, holds the post of the convener by Chinese Literature Department Director Chen Veid; Up to 2007, this school through name change “MingDao university”, thus take the humanities sociology group as the foundation, establishes the humanities institute officially, is the first chief by Chen Veid Professor. In August 1, 2009, is the second chief by Professor Wei Shiping.



       College of Design (Master of Arts Program)

       Department Of Digital Design

       Department Of Fashion

       Department of Landscape architecture

         Department Of Design For Sustainable Environment


The establishment of the College of Design mainly aims at :

  • developing the cultural creative industries
  • fulfilling the creativity into practice
  • enhancing the interdisciplinary art and design
  • targeting on internationalization

       Executive Master Of Business Administration

       Department of Business Administration

       Department of Hospitality Management

       Department of Recreation and Holistic Wellness

       Department of Marketing and Logistics

         Department of Finance


The College of Management upholds a slogan—win the business, LOHAS the life as her missions of business education. Our goals are to maintain the highest level of educational quality and to advance the students achieving their higher career targets in business practices and academia.


       Materials Science And Engineering

       Department Of Post Modern Agriculture

       Department Of Information Communication

       Department Of Biotechnology

       Department of Electro-Optical and Energy Engineering

       Sustainable Energy Research Center

       Photovoltaics Research Center

       Surface Engineering Research Center

        Agriculture and Biotechnology Research Center


The School of Applied Sciences targets to differ from science and engineering institutes in other universities. It aims at the current focal point of National Science &Technology Development Policies and sets out to fulfill the mass employment market of optoelectronic semiconductor and other high-tech oriented industries in the Central Taiwan Science Park and the Central Academy District located in Er-Lin. The School also focuses on the vision to upgrade and refine the agriculture & biotechnology industry in Taiwan. Based on the direction set above, the School establishes four major areas of research and development:

  •  clean energy,
  •  agriculture-biotechnology
  •  optoelectronic semiconductors, and
  •  thin-film process & system technology
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